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Evaluate The Ships, We Offer Guidelines

How To Pick Your Perfect Cruise:  160+ ships, 24+ cruise lines, 7,500+ itineraries ... Which one fits your style? Here's our cruising guidelines one of the most important choices you make is the itinerary, know the ports of call and what they offer. Know what you want and don't want. Shopping, culture, hiking, watersports, all ports of call are not created equal!

Where to Cruise: Decide on destinations and itinerary first, ship second. Cruise lines are always adding and changing ports of call!

Select your cruise line: consider this fact - you are choosing your elbow-to-elbow passengers, consider why you're cruising and your personality. It will make or break your memories and experience if you aren’t matched to the cruise line that suits your style. Some have dress codes, know about their dining options and 

  Next, look at specifics: Caribbean cruises offer Eastern, Western, Southern and Exotic South Caribbean itineraries. Hawaii cruises see up to 5-islands, Alaskan cruises, tend to follow two routes: Inside Passage itineraries round-trip fr/Seattle or Vancouver OR Gulf of Alaska itineraries, north to south, south to north. Head for the high seas, the excitement of a cruise! Choose from exotic destinations, explore fascinating ports, relax in luxurious accommodations, let loose with fun-filled activities on board your cruise vacation. Add a destination wedding or honeymoon! It’s never too soon to start planning your cruise.

When to go: Shoulder seasons save money. Cruises are popular with wedding couples, families, reunions and couples. Shoulder season translates into less cruisers, better cruise deals. Translation: more chances to see black bears, humpback whales, available lounge chair around the pool, better bar service, less lines. 

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What's Your Idea Of a Cruise in Paradise?  

Carnival Cruise Planner PJ

Carnival cruises are full of fun: incredible activities, gourmet dining, nighttime entertainment, pampering spa escapes… and more. We can’t wait to have you aboard!  So let’s get ready to go. Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum.

  • Concerts on Cruises
  •  Check concerts & dates
  • Book Early
  • Group perks & benefits
  • VIFP with Carnival
  • VIP with Wild Side Destinations


Cruise Groups With PJ

  • you and your group are special - so are we
  • we help select shore excursions by your groups interests
  • from relaxing to exhilarating
  • big groups, little groups, casual groups
  • friends & family groups
  •  multi-generational groups
  • Life Crisis Cruising
  • LGBT, Gay & Lesbian Cruises


We have cruising choices to meet everyone's interests. For travelers more interested in partying, intense bonding, ports-of-call cruise weddings, gay-friendly ports of call. No traveler needs to compromise on luxury or choice of itineraries. Cruise sailings and ships recognize the equality of all cruisers, all travelers and so do we! For the love of cruise travelers with a love of the open seas and life! 

Wild Side Tip: ASK ABOUT Park & Fly hotel packages (free parking!)


Passport Requirements By Air Arrival

All travelers, incl: U.S. Citizens and Green Card holders from Caribbean, Central America, South America and Bermuda, are required to have a passport to enter or re-enter the United States by flight. AMEN


Cruising Up Close and Personal

Wild Side Destinations & Destination Wedding travel says leave a much smaller footprint with a small ship experience.  We're serious, our cruise commitment to treat every place we visit with respect and the utmost care.

 The small ship experience! When cruising up close and personal, you'll discover some of the most breathtaking sites in the world, visit remote locations unspoiled by man's excess and gain an appreciate for how special our world is! And how fragile... We're even more serious about our year-round commitment to treat every place we visit with respect and the utmost care. Afterall, it isn't just the earth, it's home. A few small ship cruise lines we highly recommend and can assist you with cruise planning and cruise groups.

 Bring us your cruise celebrations, cruise planning and cruise groups, We PreBook Your Excursions, We Save You Money,  We Save You Time. We Have the Best, Personalized Cruise Planner, PJ 503-630-5570  


Columbia & Snake Rivers Journey: Harvests, History, Landscapes
7-Day Itinerary

Sail 450 miles along the Columbia & Snake Rivers, tracing much of the route of Lewis & Clark while learning about their Corps of Discovery expedition. Dine on regional specialties, and enjoy complimentary local wines, and craft beers. Discover diverse landscapes; take a thrilling jetboat ride in Hells Canyon; and transit a series of locks that raise the ship nearly 700 feet. Plus, choose to extend your expedition with an optional Willamette Valley wine tasting, tour of Portland, or both!


Life Crises Cruising
What is your reason for taking a cruise? Honeymoon, romance, fun and adventure, with a great group of friends? Today we're seeing "life crises" cruising.  Quarter-life crises Cruising and Mid-Life Crises Cruising. What does this mean? Taking a cruise can help your decision-making process on your state of affairs and your priorities. We are calling it#lifecrisescruising. By definition, it is a time when:
1. a crucial stage or turning point in the course of something, esp in a sequence of events or a disease
2. an unstable period, esp one of extreme trouble or danger in politics, economics, etc
3. (Pathology) pathol a sudden change, for better or worse, in the course of a disease

Cruise Travel: Get A Passport

We highly recommends all travelers have a passport (and must be valid for at least six months beyond completion of travel).  Cruising with a valid passport means if the cruise does NOT end where you began in the US, you'll be able to come home.  Passports are needed for any air travel if need be upon your return to the U.S. You'll need a passport to any foreign port should you miss your of embarkation, or need to fly back to the U.S. for emergency reasons.

The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) allows U.S. citizens (incl: children) sailing on cruises that begin and end in the same U.S. port to travel with one of the WHTI compliant documents, listed below.  Baptismal and hospital certificates, copies of U.S. passports and naturalization papers, are not WHTI compliant - are NOT acceptable.

Valid U.S. Passport
Passport Card
Original or suitable quality copy of a Birth Certificate (Issued by a gov't agency: state/county/city)
Certificate of Naturalization
Trusted Traveler Program Membership Card, e.g., Nexus Card, Sentri Card or Fast Card
Enhanced Tribal Card
A Consular Report of Birth Abroad
Enhanced Driver's License (EDL)


Military Rates! 

100% Future Cruise Credit for redeployment.*

In honor of the brave men and women who serve their country, MSC Cruises is proud to offer up to 10% discount on select sailings to all retired and active U.S. & Canadian Military personnel, spouses, parents, parents-in-law and dependent children. Discounted rates available to all retired and active Military personnel, incl: U.S. Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Navy, Coast Guard, National Guard, Army Reserve, Department of Defense personnel. Qualifying guests must present an I.D. badge from respective company at booking.
• 5% discount interior/ocean view staterooms, 10% off Balcony, Suites, MSC Yacht Club 1-stateroom, Multiple staterooms with your discount

  • Kids sail Free ***
    • Best value in cruising   

**If a member of the U.S. Armed Forcs can no longer travel due to redeployment or revocation of leave, MSC Cruises will issue a full cruise credit for sailing on a future date  *** Kids sail free: Children 11 and under sail fre as 3rd/4th guest in same stateroom with 2 full fare paying adults.


Eight Things To NOT Do on Your Cruise ~ Or Any Cruise

1. Book without our cruise destination planner PJ. Concierge services, one-on-one consulting, compare, calibrate, celebrate, all cruise planners and group cruise planners are not created equal.

2. Pick the wrong cruise itinerary. There's simply nothing worse than having too many days than you want at sea, having ports of call and destinations that are not interesting to you, ports-of-call that don't offer activities you are interested in or want to try.

3. Pick the wrong cruise line or wrong stateroom. It's important to match the cruise line to your personality, personal preferences, lifestyle, hobbies. Remember you are choosing your friends, the other cruisers on this ship as your companions for the next 3 to 7-days like it or not. Consider why you are cruising and what memories you are creating. Look at staterooms, some deserve the name cabins while other's may be home away from home with garden suites, balconies and deck level preferences. Can you sleep in a coat closet, does your room have a window, this cruise is a reward, it should reflect a minimum of your lifestyle and hopefully more.
4. Pick The Wrong Companion: It won't matter how nice the ship, stateroom or itinerary is if you pick the wrong companion to travel with...we promise. NOTE: we have NOT figured out a formula for helping you choose your companion ... yet! 
You're investing in memories, consider your sanity, your budget, cruising is not an all-inclusive getaway. There will be more expenses, more optional beverage packages, shopping, casino temptations, will you be telling yourself or your companion NO constantly when you pass one of a dozen lounges, bars and the casino? When the shopping gene sets in at every port of call, have you discussed or have an agreement on island goodies? Days at sea do cost you. Will you spend more on boat or off boat. 5. Forget the hand-solution stations. There are lots of great choices and varieties with food at every turn. Don't skip the sanitizing both going and coming, you'll be glad you did. Yes you're sharing the same boat, same utensils, but that doesn't mean you share the same idea of sanitation and clean. You don't want to share Norovirus and other germs. 
6. Take packing for granted. A top commandment, keep your passport on or in your carry-on. That means medications too. If you think finding a needle in a haystack is fun, wait around while everyone else boards while you're looking for your luggage among thousands of other pieces of luggage (with 50% looking just like yours). This applies for shopping in a duty-free ports, you usually need your passport for the deepest discounts.
7. Forget the morning after. Have an adventurous spirit and have a few but remember no one wants to waste a precious day in the cabin soothing your headache from hell or trying to exchange your stomach for someone elses.  Here's a tip from PJ, take this Hangover Cure with you (click for Blowfish!) 
8. Forget to bring your own hand sanitizer, you are sharing a confined space with hundreds of others who may not have the same idea you have of sanitation and clean. Be one of the few who does NOT get sick or have gastrointestinal problems in ship contamination events.

"Wow, that cruise vacation Looks great on you!"

If you enjoy experiencing new things, a cruise may be a perfect fit for you. You’ll find unique experiences, ports of call, cool bars, live entertainment, delectable tastes, maybe a little spa time, meet the island and country locals!


What Do Wine & Cruising Have in Common? 

It's unique, fun and educational ... we're very excited to bring the world of wines to our cruise guests on several upcoming sailings of the MSC Divina! MSC Divina, Wine Blend Craft 

  • Blend Craft Wines Presents Exclusive ‘Virtual Winery at Sea’
  • Enjoy Wine-themed Activities on select Caribbean sailings
  • Blend Craft Wines brings unique interactive onboard guest winemaking and wine-themed activities. Including: 

        * Winemaker Experience: YOU create, bottle and label your own custom bottle of wine, with the option of creating up to a case of YOUR wine to take home.
        * Winemaker Dinner: Combining the Winemaker Experience with an interactive group dining event, YOU make a minimum of two bottles of wine – one to take home and one to share in a blind tasting during the group dinner.
        * World Series of WineA re-creation of a famous 1976 European wine competition featured in the movie Bottle Shock, this event includes wine tasting and movie viewing.
        * Boutique Winery Tastings: Wine tasting from some of the Nation's most acclaimed boutique wineries, often wineries where the wines are only available to members of their wine club or people who have been in their waitlist for years. Each session usually features 3 different wines. If you like the wines, you can order bottles to be shipped directly home.
    Onboard winemakers have an average of +10 years of wine industry experience including work as professional wine makers.


 Norwegian Escape: Presented by Wild Side Destinations & Destination Weddings.Travel

Norwegian Escape has arrived! Now you can experience all our newest, most premium ship all year long from Miami on an Eastern Caribbean, 7-Day tropical vacation. Enjoy first-at-sea experiences incl:
    * Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville at Sea
    * The Cellars, at Michael Mondavi Family Wine Bar
    * Food Republic by The Pubbelly Restaurant Group
    * Two Tony-winning Broadway Musicals, After Midnight and Million Dollar Quartet
    * Three-story Sports Complex featuring the largest ropes course at sea
    * Aqua Racer, first-ever tandem waterslide
    * Three levels of luxury in The Haven by Norwegian®


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